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MorganAnderson ArtSolutions

Legacy Art Collection Added-Value Solutions

“Best Practice” Solutions for
Adding Value To Legacy Art Collections

In 1990 MorganAnderson Consulting, marketing communications management consultants, also became the launch pad for the art collection management consultancy Morgan Anderson ArtSolutions (“MAAS”). With MAAS “best practices”, art collectors and estates add value to legacy art collections  through museum donation, private sale, family foundation, or other means.

To do so, MAAS uses a five-step proprietary process as demonstrated by its Case Studies to add value to collections  thanks to art expertise bolstered by decades advising Fortune 100 companies such as IBM, Shell, Apple, Toyota, and Microsoft with marketing communications advice. Client's art collection Objectives are achieved including these deliverables among others:

  1. Archiving and photographing the collection into a searchable database with high res photographs

  2. Creating a state-of-the-art website

  3. Curating a catalogue raisonne

  4. A documentary short film on the collection or artist, and/or

  5. A fact-based ArtNarrative demonstrating how the collection or artist is unique.

The strategy uses MorganAnderson-developed benchmarks, standards and methodologies following  "best practices" to add value to art collections and estates.

"Legacy art collectors are passionate about collecting. Collecting requires vision, time, resources, and risk taking. One objective of course is to archive the collection and keep it in a safe place. Another is to add value for posterity whether the goal is donation or sale. This means understanding and explaining why the collection is unique and unlike any other (ArtNarrative)."

Arthur A. Anderson

Every Legacy Art Collection and Artist Estate is Unique

Explore our curated selection of case studies showcasing the transformation of legacy art collections and artist estates through Morgan Anderson's expertise. From identifying unique challenges to implementing state-of-the-artsolutions such as high-resolution photography, engaging short films, and comprehensive digital archiving, each case study illuminates our proprietary 5-Step process in action. 

Case Studies

Discover why MorganAnderson is a trusted leader in transforming legacy art collections. Our reputation is built on testimonials and successful projects. See how our bespoke solutions and proprietary process elevate and preserve the value of art legacies worldwide. Join our clients and experience the MorganAnderson difference.


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MorganAnderson ArtSolutions

Adding Value to Legacy Art Collections & Estates
Arthur A. Anderson, CEO & Partner 
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