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MorganAnderson ArtSolutions Proprietary

Words with the designation "TM" and their replicates elsewhere are MorganAnderson ArtSolutions proprietary service marks. For example, ArtNarrative is used by MorganAnderson to indicate its proprietary process for adding value to art whether collections, estates or other. Among facts it considers are art history, provenance, art and artist relationships, friendships and communities, who and why the artist did the art or the collector collected the work, and/or its social and cultural setting; it is the fact-based story that makes a collection, artist or art object unique, differentiating it from others.

MorganAnderson ArtSolutions proprietary 5-step process for adding value to art comprises Step 1 Client Objective, Step 2 Problem, Step 3 Solutions, Step 4 Results, and Step 5 ArtNarrative. Most art collections and estates do not, sad to say,  follow collection management  “best practices”.  Our Case Studies demonstrate MorganAnderson’s 5-step process for adding value to art and is built on a foundation of proprietary art collection management processes and marketing communications management consulting.

Client Objective expresses client’s needs and goals to be accomplished  by MorganAnderson. This leads to Problem being resolved by Solutions that deliver Results and contribute to the ArtNarrative.

Step 1: Client Objective

Every Client Objective has a Problem lurking within it that needs to be identified, resolved and Solutions determined by MorganAnderson. For instance, sometimes art cannot be disposed of timely and to achieve goals; at other times an owner cannot, or will not, take steps necessary for the collection to be prepared properly for successful disposition;  sometimes a collector, estate or fiduciary pushes an approach not fair to all; or some other problem.

Step 2: Problem

MorganAnderson ArtSolutions excels at identifying  customized solutions.  Several examples are: donation to a museum, exhibition, , gifting, sale, or something else.  Solutions that accomplish as “best-in-class”  include collection inventorying, archiving, high res photography,  short-film documentary, state-of-the art website, catalogue raisonne, substantive presentation to others, and/or a viable marketing communications strategy.  MorganAnderson with its decades of marketing communications management consulting  and art collection management processes uses solutions to add value to a legacy collection.

Step 3: Solutions

Results and ArtNarrative help achieve Client Objective.  Examples of Results include customized deliverables.

Step 4: Results

ArtNarrative evolves from Steps 1, 2, 3, and 4. The veracity of fine art is usually based on someone’s opinion and in extreme situations it is only what meets the eye. ArtNarrative is based on fact and tells an unique story about the collection or artist and what makes it special or noteworthy.  ArtNarrative is as important, if not more so, than the fine art itself.

Step 5: ArtNarrative

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