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Arthur A. Anderson

Arthur A. Anderson

CEO & Partner
Collector – Writer – Analyst - MorganAnderson Consulting, now MorganAnderson Art Solutions.

Born and raised in Western Michigan, Arthur has a Sc.B. in organic chemistry and A.B. in American economic history from Brown University and J.D. from Yale Law School. After law school he married and moved to New York City to join Fish & Neave (now Ropes & Gray), a patent Federal litigation law firm with clients such as AT&T, IBM and Xerox.

Having strong entrepreneurial interests, after four years of law practice, he co-founded the first full-service online stock brokerage firm on Wall Street. With the advent of NASDAQ and its digitization of stock trading, he co-founded the first full-service discount stock brokerage firm on Wall Street, offering investors full brokerage services at discounted rates compared to New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) rates. As his firm prospered, NYSE became aggravated and tried to shut the firm down. Whereupon Arthur immediately initiated a rule- making at the SEC on the grounds that the NYSE’s fixed commission rates were anti-competitive and violated U.S. antitrust laws. When the SEC agreed, any firm was free to offer discounted fees. The rest is history, and an industry was born. The firm was eventually sold to Fidelity Investments Boston and became its discount stock brokerage arm.

Having research expertise in cable TV and other emerging technologies, Arthur joined Teleprompter Corporation, then the largest cable TV holding company and listed on the NYSE, as corporate counsel and corporate secretary. After Teleprompter was sold, he co-founded a small law firm in midtown Manhattan.

Always having a fascination for marketing communications, Arthur co-founded MorganAnderson Consulting, marketing communications management consultants. MorganAnderson changed the way major marketers compensate their ad agencies. Rather than paying them a traditional fixed commission based on media spending, MorganAnderson’s model compensated agencies with a fixed annual fee determined from an agency’s scope of work, staffing plan and costs, plus a profit and performance incentive. MorganAnderson clients included IBM, Pfizer, Unilever, Apple, Shell, and VW who adopted the MorganAnderson model. In time it became the global industry standard.

Arthur has for many years collected art and artists of the Historic Woodstock (NY) Art Colony. In 2018 he donated a legacy art collection of 1500 works of the Historic Woodstock Art Colony to the New York State Museum. This was exhibited 2018-2019 at the NY State Museum and again in 2023 at the Dorsky Museum, SUNY New Paltz. In April 2024 SUNY Press published the book “The Historic Woodstock Art Colony: The Arthur A. Anderson Collection”.

Arthur appreciates cultural adventure travel, for example such as Himalayan high altitude trekking in Mustang Nepal, Bhutan and Myanmar, long distance sailing fromthe Pacific to Atlantic oceans (Cape Horn) and trips to research stations in Antartica. After residing in New York for many years, he now resides in the Hudson River Valley and Boston. Arthur is an entrepreneur, collector, art curator, and arts board member.

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