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Caroline Dixwell Cabot

Caroline Dixwell Cabot

Economist - Art Historian.

Caroline graduated from the Chapin School with The Atlantic Monthly First Prize for short story writing. She went on to earn a B.A. in international economics from Smith College. Upon graduation Caroline became the first woman economist to work at J.P. Morgan & Company where she researched Latin American economies to support loan activity to Central Banks.

Caroline received her M.A. in art history from Wellesley College. She was invited to teach at Wellesley and taught there for seven years as the first and only M.A. on the faculty. She was ranked in the student survey as “One of the Best Instructors in the College”. She was chairman and curator of Wellesley’s Davis Art Museum Dormitory Art Collection and a member of the National Committee for Wellesley Friends of Art.

Caroline also worked at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts to source scholars for an exhibition and symposium on 19th cen. French sculpture. She joined the Board of Directors of The Museum of Fine Arts Council and founded ArtLink Global, expertise advisors to art, furniture and other collectors, across auction markets in the USA, Canada, UK and Belgium.

Caroline collects 19th century French sculpture and is executor of an artist estate. An infinitely more significant part of Caroline’s endeavors cannot rest unmentioned: she raised two children by herself and now enjoys being part of the lives of five grandchildren.

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