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Evelyn Augusto

Evelyn Augusto

Senior Consultant
Network & Client Development – New Business Development – Communications – News.

Evelyn is a graduate of Skidmore College where she received her B.A in English and attended Sarah Lawrence College’s Creative Writing Program. A major interest of hers is horticulture, and she studied horticulture at the UMass. Her early business career was property design and horticultural management and in due course she founded a private property management company. She is also a free lance writer and sales representative for high-end magazines such as Chronogram and Boating. At MorganAnderson ArtSolutions Evelyn handles new business development, edits the MAAS blog and does press communications.

Evelyn lives in Massachusetts where a major interest is collecting art and supporting emerging artists. She loves to travel the country when she can in her new Winnebago.

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