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Case Study 6

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Case Study 6  is a large group of works relating to 20th century “artist brothers” Eugene Speicher and George Bellows, their families and friends. It is the largest collection of this type known, with more than 200 drawings, prints and paintings.  Provenance, family, friendships, and artist caricatures  make this group particularly fun and memorable. A NYC gallery exhibition is planned for 2025 - 2026. 


Step 1 - Client Objective

The collection, supported by art history research, feature art and narratives by and about George Bellows, his fellow athlete and artist brother Eugene Speicher, families, and friends. Replete with art and humor, it is as much about culture and friendships as it is about art.  The art is the fruit of c35 years of collecting. A gallery exhibition is intended.


Step 2: Problem

A challenge often the case when planning an art exhibition is the availability and borrowing of works for the exhibition. This is not a problem here inasmuch as all works are available from two collections.


Step 3: Solution

All works in this group have been identified and loans committed by two collections.  Such loans will be made without charge, thereby  making  travelling exhibitions to other venues a possibility.


Step 4: Results

An originating gallery venue in NYC has been committed and an exhibition planned for 2025 - 2026. An exhibition catalog is in process that can be readily adapted to multiple venues.

Step 5:   ArtNarrative

The focus is George Bellows and his artist brother  and fellow athlete Eugene Speicher, students of Robert Henri. Their  narrative and art are seen through the lenses of art, culture and relationships, featuring community, collegiality, brotherhood, and caricature … with lots of smiles. This is the largest collection of its type.  A selection will be made from the over 200 drawings, prints, paintings, and memorabilia in the collection. An exhibition wuld be memorable for general audiences as well as art afficionados. A NYC gallery exhibition is planned for 2025 – 2026. The exhibition can travel. 


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